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I color my own hair too- it is red. I also have foil highlights. What I do is the same day I color my hair I make an appointment to my hair stylist and have her put in the highlights. I have them places all over( front and back). It looks funny it you only have them in front. Depending on the look you want, I think ones that are not chunky are best since they look the most natural. Also depends on the color your base coat is and the highlights you have done.
After I color my hair I wash it out gently only once ( This is what my stylist told me to do) and I let it dry naturally. When I go to her later on, she applies them and washes my hair again when done. They can be drying, so I use lots of conditioner, in the shower and also put some Potion 7 ( or 9- can't remember now) leave in conditioner. So I keep it highly conditioned and avoid heat if possible.
If you want natural looking highlights you'll be using a lot more than 10. More likely about 20+ to get a Jennifer Anniston look.

The fewer but big chunky ones look very hip and cute and the more but finer strands look more natural and sunkissed.

You should be fine getting the highlights after using hydriance - they're pretty mild hairdyes.
Chunky highlights are not so in anymore, ay least in the city where I live. I use to get chunky ones but now the look is more subtle. I live in Los Angeles/ Beverly Hills area and am exposed to a lot of current fashion- it seems like more women who highlight their hair here are not doing the chunky thing anymore- but I guess it depends on the base color , what look you are trying to achieve, and where you live.
I agree with veggiegirl- you'll need more but at $1.00 a foil maybe you can afford the extra cost.
I don't want the chunky highlights - I want them to look as natural as possible.

[COLOR=Magenta]Depends on how light u wanna go with your high lights of course the lighter the more damaging nad yes u can highlight colored hair....use professional products...[/COLOR]

My hair is a dark reddish brown color naturally - I've colored it to a light-med. brown using a dark blonde dye. I'd like sandy blonde highlights. I have a picture... I'm a little afraid because the only time I got highlights professionally done, they turned out very light blonde. They lightened my overall color first and that was also lighter than I wanted. I wanted a light brown color with caramelly highlights. I looked like Dolly Parten! :o This is a different salon though. I trust them a little more - I'm going to be very specific about what I want this time. Thanks for the advice, all. I have another question. I have a product from John Frieda called Sun Streaks. It's a low-peroxide gel that lightens with the heat of the blowdryer. I bought it about a year ago and forgot about it. I tried applying it and sitting in the sun for awhile last summer, but it didn't do anything. My hair is lighter now though, so I wonder if that will make a difference - it says that it's only for med. brown - blonde hair. I wonder if it would be ok to try this, and if it doesn't work out, I'll go ahead with the highlights. Do you think this would be ok? I'm afraid of what all this is going to do to my poor hair!

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