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Hey here are a couple quick tips for you hope they help you as much as they help me!!!

Hey I use this wonderful nail polish its called "In a Minute!" It is a gooey clear top coat that is the greatest thing ever for people on the move. You can use it alone and it is shiney and nice and dry in less than 1 minute or over ANY color and it puts a professional manicured shine on your nails and still dries in less that 1 minute. I always paint my nails and decide I need to do stuff like cleaning or dishes so this is great for me. $ 6.95

As for make up I have this great kit from ARTEC cosmetics. It is a wooden box looking thing that looks like it is for artists. There are three "layers" with all sorts of colors and textures that you can use for cover up, eye shadow, blush, eye liner and even lips!! Its so cool and it comes with this roll out leather case that is filled with all sorts of brushes (like 20) of all sizes! Its nice causes it is easy and all in one BOX. $ 30.00

If I have a really busy day ahead I will also wrap my hair the night prior. I have long wavy hair and I straighten it. It takes a while so I dont get to do it in the morning a lot and if i do it at night i is a wreck by morning unless....... I WRAP IT!! You may know of it but if not you just do you hair the night before as if you were goiing out then you take clips and pin them all round your head in a spiral until all your hair is securly wrapped around you head like a halo. Then i take a bandana, or a scarf (silk works best) and tie it tightly. In the morning just wake remove the scarf and pins and "WALLA" a beautiful hair day all day that is ready in a flash!!

Hope they can help.
Good Luck :angel:

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