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Im 24 and Im already showing signs of aging in the undereye area.The skin is very,very dry,I have some lines,and I also have weird tiny little bumps.I cant really feel the bumps and theyre not that big so I dont think its milia,though I could be wrong.The best way I could describe how my undereye skin looks is to say its like...chicken skin.I dont know if anyone can relate but if you can then I would really appreciate some advice.And even if you never had the whole chicken skin thing going on(lol), Id love to hear about eye creams that helped with lines and dry skin.
Thanks :)
It's not a cream. it's an oil - Silkia camellia oil. This stuff is better than many eye creams I've used. I've used many expensive eye creams and a lot of them actually made my under eye area look worse - dry and wrinkly. The oil is great for your dry skin and fine lines. It actually got rid of my forehead frown lines and pitted acne scars. I use it all around my eyes also and it really keeps any lines at bay. I'm almost 40 but have no fine lines around the eyes whatsoever.
Thanks for your reply.I did a search on yahoo and this product sounds really promising.Im keeping my fingers crossed that this will help.Like you said most products I've used have also made my undereye skin even more dry.I was just wondering if you knew of any store where I can purchase this oil.At the moment I dont have a credit card so I cant purchase it online.
Thanks again :D
I don't know of any stores that sell it. You may want to look around in your area or just mail in a check or Postal money order.
Try Ebay. They have it there. Pretty cheap. You dont need a credit card either, It said you can send check or money order. :wave:
O cool,thanks for the info guys.I think Im gonna go check that out right now.Cant wait to try this stuff.I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again :)
i use yonka eye contour... i have one of those machines (woods lamp) that can tell how dehydrated, dry, oily, etc u are. anyways my eyes used to be severely dry bc what i was using wasnt doing anything. since ive started using the yonka my eyes are not dry anymore, my dark circles r gone, and so r my fine lines.

its really awesome stuff!

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