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Let's see...

* Foundation is typically used to even out your skin tone, and also to create a base for the rest of your makeup.

* I'm not sure what you meant about whether blush looks better if you use a concealor -- concealor is used to hide imperfections, such as blemishes, dark circles under your eyes, etc. Some people apply the concealor before foundation, some after, but you would apply blush after that.

* There are many products from pharmacies which are as good as department store brands, and many are even made by the same companies. There are books (such as by Paula Begoun) and websites you can go to if you want to read reviews on products as well. For what it's worth, I buy blushes equally from the dept. stores and pharmacies - there are some products I pay more attention about, but for blush it's the shade so it mostly comes down to trial and error.

* I'm not sure how MAC and VS compare in price, but I've found MAC to be generally a bit less than some other lines. I love MAC for certain products, I don't buy everything across the board from any one counter. If you want recommendations here, you might want to give us a little more info about what it is you're looking for.. such as what foundation people might recommend for dry skin, or oily skin, or what product is best to fill in eyebrows, or a lipgloss that's really shiny but not sticky.. etc. You'll find lots of people here who have tried a lot of products, but different types are best for different skin types, etc.

* Foundation -- If using liquid, I apply with my fingers only, and I apply powder foundation with a sponge applicator. You can use a sponge for both if you're not having good luck with your fingers. I apply it almost as I would moisturizer, and just blend quickly and evenly.

Experiment and have fun! :)

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