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PLEASE does anyone have any advice for blackheads? They are killing me. I had pimples fairly bad when I was younger, but don't have them nearly as bad now. They do flare up when it's close to my period every month, but usually aren't so bad. They fade as my period does. I only have a couple small scars from the pimples I had in the past. What has really done me in are the blackheads. They are horrible! I have them worse than anyone I've ever met at least as far as I've noticed. I have them all over my nose, my cheeks, and also have them on my forehead- mostly down toward the region between my eyes and above my nose- and I have them on my chin and above my lips and well just all over my face. I also have them on my breasts and between them. And they have stretched my pores out horribly on my face and may be stretching my pores on my breasts. What can I do?! Biore pore strips don't really help much for me. They get a few blackheads, but not near to all of them and they don't get down deep enough either I don't think. I see a little on the strips, but when I look at my skin I can't tell the difference. I am considering trying home microdermabrasion or a home facial peel. Can anyone tell me, how well do these work? What brands are best? Do they all test on animals? I don't like animal testing or ingredients (well at least not ingredients that require killing the animal. I suppose milk or honey or something like that is okay). Also, how long will my face likely look like absolute crap after using these kits? Are they as good as the professionally done microdermabrasion or chemical peel? How painful is it? I think I will do it regardless of pain, though, because I can see no other options, due to my stretched pores and the severity of the blackheads. It looks awful to me. I honestly don't think I've seen blackheads so bad on another human being. Please, please, help me!
I have very large pores. Not really blackheads, but just deep pores. I bought CLEAR PORE-NEUTROGENA. I have used it everyday since last Thursday when I bought it and I have seen a noticable difference. The main ingredient is 2% salicylic acid and I have seen some pore products with 1%. But this really has been the only thing that has helped. I would try it and see if it works. I would warn that it does cause a little redness, but that disappears after a few minutes.... Let me know if you try it...

just want to tell you a tip thats been in magazines before, to bring blackheads that are deep down in the skin out to the top so that you can wash your face, and clean them away. Place a towel over your face and hold the towel over your face over a bowl, or lean over the basin in the bathroom of hot water stay there for 10 mins, or until your face starts to sweat then come away, and wash your face as usual paying attention to the blackheads, it says that the hot water opens the pores, and then you can wash out the blackheads, afterwards use a toner over your face, to close the pores, or the cheapest way, just splash your face with cold water. If you get blackheads on your chest, breasts, etc, you can also lie in the bath in medium to warm water, and let the steam, steam open the pores then you can wash your body with your facial scrub/wash or with your shower gel, and you can them pat your body with some cold water to close the pores....i found that when i steam my face, and then wash my face, and closes the pores with cold water, they don't close for me, cos about an hour later, the blackheads form again...this might not work for me, but maybe for you people...

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