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- Sometimes when my hair gets build up in it, I use baking soda...probably once a month or so. I just get a palm full of baking soda, wet it and make a paste and then rub it into my hair. I let it it for a few seconds and then rinse. Works like a charm!

- I use a firming lotion on my face everytime I wash it. I am the type of person who wears very little make-up....but when I do it's only a little bit of concealer for those bad spots and a light bronzer so I don't look so pasty.

- I don't use perfume to smell good...I just buy scented lotion and rub it in places I am most likely to on my back, my bikini line (AROUND it, not IN...) etc. That way when I sweat, you smell the lotion :) Perfume evaporates so quickly, but lotions stay there!

- On the few occasions I wear lipstick, this is how I make it "stay." I put on the lipstick, and then blot....then I apply a very light layer of face powder. Afterwards I apply a layer of gloss to make it shine (if I want the shine) or I leave it be for a matte finish. It stays for me!

- If you have red, blotchy skin or if you are prone to zits, get a concealer pack that has a green tint to it. The green takes away the redness, and then just blot a tiny bit of powder over it to make it look even.

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