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Hi there. I had a doctor's appt today. I showed him my acne scarring from cystic acne. The scarring is so deep that he said the only thing that would probably work so that I'd see a noticable difference is the Phenol Peel. I've had a TCA peel years ago, and that didn't really do anything for my scars. We went over the other options as well...laser resurfacing, etc... and the one that seems the best for me is the deep peel. However, I'm concerned that I have an olive skin complextion. I know that these deep peels end up making your skin really white. I don't want to end up looking weird...with a really stark white face, and an olive complextion everywhere else....

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

NO WAY. Phenol peels are not for olive skin. I use a TCA peel and it seems to be doing a good job. Do a search for professional TCA peels for at home use.......look for the one that is not mixed with's pure TCA. Does a magnificant job. It has greatly improved a few ice pick scars and red spots or dark spots from acne in the past. I chose the 25% which is strong but not too still have control over it. I will be doing a second one in about 2 weeks and I think this will be it for a while. DO NOT let this Doctor talk you into a phenol peel. DO some reading up on it. It changes the pigmentation in your skin and can greatly lighten the peeled skin. I think I would rather have scars than a white face when the rest of me is dark.

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