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I'm new here after having my first TCA peel yesterday to get rid of my freckles. Right now, my face looks sunburnt and unbelievably, more freckles have appeared. i knew about the sunburn look but didn't know more freckles would appear and don't know if they will go away after the healing process. They'd better disappear because the cost of this peel was like AUD $2000.

My doctor never mentioned this as an after-effect of using the TCA.

Miper, did this happen to you too? I am curious as I've searched all day online for an answer to this and haven't come across any.

I used the exact same thing your Doctor used on you yesterday(more than likely or just as good) at a fraction of the cost. I use a 25% TCA that is not mixed with anything else.....pure TCA. Just do a search for pure TCA. There is no need to be paying that kind of money when it is safe to do these at home. They neutralize themselves so you can't leave them on too long. The only thing you can do is get too close to your eyes. All you have to do is put vaseline around your eyes before applying the TCA. Now I know I may have some people argue with me about this, but with backed with enough information and having some background in the medical community, I feel perfectly at ease telling you this.
Thanks for replying miper. My face is looking so bad right now, I even have a bit near my mouth oozing...gross! The new freckles that have appeared really shocked me so I'm really hoping they go away just as quickly as they appeared.

My 2yr old is telling me that my face is yucky :( I know it will pass and hope she isn't having nightmares about it LOL

I would be too scared to do this at really hurt me and I was surprised I wasn't sedated for it.....maybe I'm just a wus ;) I don't think I'd even be able to buy this product in Australia.

Am off to see the Dr tomorrow so will be bombarding him with a heap of questions and will let you know how it goes.

Wish I'd done a search on message boards before I had this done. I would have known more about what I was letting myself into :eek:
You will be sooo happy once it's over. Thi sis the hardest part. I feel like I'm stuck indoors and can't do anything, but in another week, I'll e glad I got it over with and happy withthe results. Hopefully, this will be it for me. Sometimes, it takes a few to get the results you want, so don't be surprised if you need another. Do you know what strength he used?
Didn't get a chance to get online last night...well woke up this morning and instead of looking almost 34, I look 60. My skin got so dry and wrinkly overnight. I've only got some mild peeling atm on my forehead but can see there is alot more about to come.

My dr is happy with the progress. When I asked about the new freckles that seemed to appear, he told me they were in fact very small scabs and that they would disappear. He wants to see me again next Wed for a further check up.

I also asked if I would require another peel and was told I wouldn't. Whatever they (two Dr yesterday) saw, they reckon it will take most of the freckles away and if there were any left it would only be a few which they would then just laser off. Now I don't know how they could possibly see that I would only be left with maybe a few but I guess that's why I'm paying them :)

They used a 30% strength TCA for me.

How's your face going?
Looks like my face is just about ready to crack off.
I can actually see some very pretty pink skin (where a few freckles used to be) under a section near my mouth. I can't wait to see the results. Please let me know how it turns out for you.
I hope and pray I don't have to go through this again.
Same here...mouth area looks good, but waiting on my forehead to "crack". It is sooo uncomfortable when it pulls. I went out for the first time in a week tonight and I won't be doing it again. I felt so weird. I never knew how vain I was...LOL!
You're the same age as me. I know what you mean about young looking skin too. I love it and wish I'd done this years ago.

Today it just looks like I've got dry skin in certain areas on my face, mostly near the hairline and nose/mouth areas. The pinkness is fading too so I ventured out today and didn't feel awkward at all. Guess I will only feel awkward now when people who know me, notice the change.

I'll check ebay and see if I can get my hands on those other products you have suggested. Thanks for that.
Do a quick search (Dr. Pickart) on the'll actually cost you less and it's good stuff. I'm ot quite sure how good the other stuff is. I know this stuff is good.

I'm elated for us both. Keep in touch!

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