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[QUOTE=Summer Girl]Okay, so I went out today and bought two bottles of this stuff after reading the reviews on here. Good price at $4.44 each.

Anyway, after buying it, I went home all happy and I go to another site and read reviews about it. Basically it is a very light sunless tanner. Okay fine. Then I read that it can cause your skin to break out and it has mineral oil on it. Worried now about back, arm, chest breakouts! Then a big warning about not using it on your face. Just lovely. Now I have two bottles and I am afraid to use it.

Well, I am debating on whether or not I should try it out. I guess I will but the first sign of a break out, I am tossing the bottles into the garbage.[/QUOTE]

Okay, so I used it last night. I liked the smell. Smells like sunblock to me. My husband said "whats that smell??" He didn't like it. Thought it smelled like medicine. Made my skin soft feeling, but then again, I do use an exfoliator in the shower. Did have a little streaking where I had healed up razor burn. Other than that, I do see a little difference and I like it thus far. Still leary of the break outs that may happen but I will keep my eye on it. So far, so good. What I can't understand is why people are crazy about this product when they can use a moisturizing sunless tanner and get the same results faster.

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