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Re: Blackheads!!!
May 18, 2005
[QUOTE=kitkat77]I have a hard time buying what they say about blackheads.

Supposedly they are a collection of debris, having the identical contents of a whitehead. The only difference being that in a blackhead the hair follicle is open and the exposure to oxygen causes the debris to harden and the top to turn black.

Well I don't get this. If that is true then how is it that once you pop a whitehead and it then becomes "open", why does it not turn into a blackhead? A whitehead can refill but it will become yet another whitehead, despite there being an opening! It may even ooze!

Secondly, why is it that you can remove a blackhead, only to have it reappear in the identical spot, once again, a blackhead. The plug is hard again -- how does it solidify so quickly? How does it turn black again so quickly? Why doesn't it ooze like a whitehead? And if it is an "open" follicle, why does the debris collect in there at all?

Thirdly, how is it that a blackhead which is already open, can be "fixed" by an exfoliant? Logically, an exfoliant should be working on whiteheads, not blackheads. Once a blackhead is removed, it always comes back, and rather quickly to boot. What exactly is the exfoliant doing? How can opening the hole larger not simply make the blackhead larger?

And lastly. I have alot of blackheads on my nose and around the mouth, and this has been going on for years despite my using all sorts of remedies. When I was pregnant (baby is 7 months now), 4 weeks into the pregnancy I was blackhead FREE. What I did notice was that in every spot where there used to be a blackhead, was a flat white spot. These white spots never inflamed and never turned into a pimple. My skin remained this way -- TOTALLY blackhead FREE, right up until exactly 4 weeks after the birth. I can be exact with my timing, because I used to scrutinize my face in the mirror several times a day, shocked at their disappearance. When the blackheads came back, they did it in ONE DAY, and now there are even more than before.

All that can be done for blackheads apparently, is removal. I guess they can't really help prevent them if they don't really know what the heck they are............[/QUOTE]

blackheads are black because they are exposed to oxygen. its teh same as a whitehead only in the terms that the gunk thats squeezed out is the same. they come back because teh pores are permanently stretched therefore its just a big hole.. we wear moisturizer, makeup, etc so it fills the holes.. or our faces are just oily and stuff gets trapped.. nothing whill make the pore smaller therefore blackheads will never go away. exfoliating will make the skin appear smoother - probably scrubbing off teh "black" part of the blackhead. doesnt mean it makes it disappear.. so biore is probalby ur best bet because it actually grabs it and pulls it out from deep down - but like i said.. it jus leaves a hole that will be replaced within a day. so there is no way to get rid of them.. only ways to make them APPEAR as though they arent there.

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