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Hello everyone,
I have had dry, flaky, cracked corners of my mouth since the beginning of the year. One side is much worse than the other. It does get somewhat better and then it gets worse again instead of going away. I have used all kinds of moisturizers and chapsticks to try and get rid of it, but nothing works. I had this once before and went to a dermatologist for it but neither her ideas nor her prescription helped. I now hear it may be caused by a deficiency in riboflavin. Does anyone know if taking a supplement of this will make a difference? Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do to get rid of it once and for all? I do wear lipstick every day to keep myself from licking and biting my lips, and also to give my pale face some color. It does wear off the corners quickly, though, so I doubt the lipstick would be the cause. Advice?
It could be a reaction to some chemical in your lipstick, try leaving it off and see if it helps. Maybe try a hypo-allergenic one. I have problems with the fragrances in lipsticks.
Hi, I had the same problem....I tried all sorts of lip balms and chapsticks, but the only thing that worked was heavily applying vaseline (from a jar) on the corners of my lips (nighttime only). It took a while, but I no longer have that problem. Also for dry lips period, I found that, surprisingly, the chapstick that works best for me is Bonne Bell lipsmackers (Dr Pepper seems to be the most moisturizing). I now only use the Bonne Bell, but I'm don't think it would have cleared up without the vaseline.
I was getting a lot of that last year. I mentioned it to a dental tech and she said "Oh, I get that too if I don't eat enough fruit." I eat a lot of fruit now and don't get it anymore. I don't know if it was riboflavin or not that I was lacking. Do you eat a lot of fresh fruits & veggies?

P.S. I tried lip balms, tea tree oil, neosporin, everything. It didn't do anything.
I had that problem once (and chapsticks & lotions didn't help) and it turned out that I was allergic to my toothpaste. I had recently tried a new one, got the irritated mouth, then switched to a different kind- and the problem went away and never came back. (The toothpaste that caused the problem was Crest Rejuvinating Effects.) Anyway, its worth a thought if you changed your toothpaste or mouthwash around the time the problem began.

I heard the same thing - a deficiency in B Vitamins. Try taking a B-Complex supplement. It can't do any harm as it's water rather than fat soluble so you won't OD on it.
[QUOTE=yankeegirl]Hello everyone,
I have had dry, flaky, cracked corners of my mouth since the beginning of the year. Advice?[/QUOTE]

I'd suggest kissing your boyfriend more often. If that doesn't work, you probably just aren't kissing him enough. Keep trying.

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