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I goofed and tried to color my hair one day and it just didn't lighted enough, so I did it again, then again. Well, I have that wonderful brassy blonde now and over processed hair (which is my own fault, I know). My hair is very short, so I didn't mind over doing it so much-I can just keep cutting it as I need too. Looking at my hair it in now way looks or feels damaged, but there is a little breakage and I can tell when I wash it before putting conditioner in.
Now, I was talking with a hairdresser and she reminded me that putting color on color doesn't work, and that was why my color wouldn't change. She said I would need to bleach all the color out and start over. WELL, how does that work exactly? I saw some hair color remover at walmart, can I use that? OR, should I NOT b/c my hair is a bit damaged, would bleaching the dye out make it worse. If not, are we talking like regular bleaching? Where my hair would basically go white blonde? I was impatient and just wanted to change it, but didn't do it right.
What are your thoughts with this? (oh, not new to doing this. I know there is a sulfate free shampoo I can use to balance the hair and make it a bit healthier)

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