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Hey! I just did this to my own hair; I had really dark (natural) brown hair and wanted to try blonde hair out for a while. I got a box of L'Oreal extreme blonde hair dye and then used a shade of "dark natural ash blonde." It came out looking really good. You can't tell that I did it myself. If your hair turns orange from bleaching it, it shouldn't really matter much because when you apply your light red dye, it will cover up the orangeness. Plus, usually your hair only turns orange because you haven't left the bleach on long enough. I've dyed my hair a thousand times and I've done the hair of many of my friends before too. It always turns out really good. I'm grateful becasue I'm a poor college kid that can't afford going to the salon. :)

Here are some pointers I've had to learn (sometimes the hard way):
1. Do the strand test first, like the box of bleach will suggest. That way you can see how long it will take for your hair to lighten and see if it will turn orange. Most of the boxes of bleach say that your hair has to turn orange before it goes blonde (which is the color you want before you put any more dye on it) It's one of the "stages" of hair lightening.

2. Make sure that if your ends are darker than the rest of your hair, you apply the bleach to those areas first. This is important... one time I tried to bleach all of my hair at the same time and my roots came out blonde and the ends were still a light brown. That took a while to fix, but I learned my lesson. It's just sad that I had to walk around looking like a skunk for a while.

3. After you've processed your hair so much, sleep with conditioner in it every once in a while. It really helps it from being too dry and coarse looking.

Have fun and good luck. Just make sure you pay close attention to what you're doing and I'm sure it'll turn out great. If you decide to do it, post an update and let me know how it goes!

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