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My natural color is about medium to dark brown and about a month or two ago I dyed it black. I liked it for awhile and now I'm starting to look pale and older. Naturally, I want to dye it back to my natural color, possibly a shade or two lighter: medium to light golden brown.

What I did was get a light golden brown. It turned out two-toned. My roots are the light golden brown and the rest of my hair is still black, maybe *slightly* lighter with a reddish tint in bright light.

I know I should go to a salon and ask them to professionally color it. However, I hate the salon experience and rather not spend all that money. If there is another route you might know about, please en"lighten" me!

Thanks in Advance to those of you who reply.

I just called a local salon and she charges about $60 an hour (takes about 3-4 hours) to strip the black and then color. Like $200, Aack!
When I was younger, I wanted to try out some new colors for my hair. I have naturally blonde- very, VERY light colored hair. So I tried out the semi-permanent dark brown and it looked great. When I went for permanent, it was black... ahh! I lived with it for a while, but instead of trying to dye it back to a lighter color I went in and had a weave and got some great highlights. Small, evenly distributed highlights throughout dark hair really does help lighten the overall appearance of it, and helps the dark color fade more quickly. Now I'm back to my natural blonde, thank God... I'll never do that again!

For at-home highlights, I would recommend the Herbal Essences highlighting kits- use the one for lightest hair- that ones give the brightest highlights- platinum and pretty... not brassy.
If you search this forum, you will find a lot of threads on this subject (many of them are in the hair problems board). I know because I just looked the other day! I'm surprised it's not more commonly known that you can't change dark dyed hair lighter by recoloring it. I didn't know before a couple years ago! I use semi-permanent color now & one of the tricks I read on here to lighten that was Dawn dish soap. I tired that since I had some and it worked. If you used permanent color, you'll have to "strip" it. You can buy the stuff to do that at Sally Beauty Supply. That will take it down to a light orangey color and then you have to re-dye it the color you want. It is risky & you can mess up your hair. I did it a while ago when my hair got too dark a red & it came out fine.

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