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okay this is what i think.....sptn_dean's idea was beautiful and i definetly agree with keeping it natural more healthy looking. You said you had blue eyes, but depending on how dark they are makes all the differnce! If you have dark eyes opt for a lighter shadow,and of course lighter eyes should have a darker shadow to make them pop! I'm thinking more natural/flesh tone colors instead of wacky metalics thats one way to look cheap, i think you should find a soft brown shadow, with a darker shade in the crease and a lighter one to highlight the browbones. If you do have light eyes and need a darker brown on your lids, maybe you should go for a black mascara because i think it might look a little insane having your lashes lighter than your lids :nono: ! But a dark brown mascara otherwise ;)
Then it comes to your cheeks i think a a light peachy pink shade would look best, along with a highlighter (not heavily applied please) just enough to give you a little natural glow. Now that i have eyes and cheeks done... lets go for lips! Go for more a nude shade of lip color that doesn't have sparkle in it. Your getting married and need to look like a woman! not a little teen :rolleyes: But a little is fine, theres one gloss from revlon that i have with a little shimmer but its still gorgeous and sophisicated! If your lips are defined you don't need a liner, but if you do go for a shade one lighter than your lips to make them look fuller, a dark shade only makes them look thin!

Remember don't apply nothing heavy people want to see the real you, make-up us simply something to enhance a womans beauty! Good luck! :)

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