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Beauty & Cosmetics Board Index's really personal preference, but I'll give you some suggestions I've recently tried with good results.

A friend suggested the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Gellée. I got it in Medium and it was the weirdest experience putting this stuff on -- it's like putting slippery water on...verrrry smoooooth. I had no streaking except one spot I missed. It takes ages for it to dry which is the major downfall....but I waited an hour and then finally patted some baby powder all took the stickiness away so that I was able to get on with my day.

I loved the colour, and it stayed for a long while. One part on my upper arm (the under part) was starting to fade. I mixed a tiny bit of the tanner with moisturiser and blended it and the next day it was perfect.

The consistency of that stuff is like a runny gel. It's slippery as well when it's on the hands and when handling the tube.
My suggestion would be this for you if you're wanting to try it.

Mix it with moisturiser. I did that as well, and it's even, even even...surprisingly. Still took a while to dry, but patted on the powder and there are no splotches.

Another option is the Jergens Natural glow. I have that as well, and it's very nice. I also mixed it yesterday with the Sublime Bronze gellée and it's perfect today!!! I'm really thrilled with it. The smell however while it's on is strong...but I'm much more tolerant of it than some others like the Neutrogena.

If you decide to mix it with moisturiser, make sure you do your body in sections and know how much of each product you squirt in your hands. I do lower legs first, then thighs, then upper arms, then lower arms, then the rest.

I'm very fair as well, and the colour is totally believable on me.

Another option as I mentioned is the Natural Glow....but get the Medium, not light. It's noticable at least.

I've also tried the tanning towellettes. I used from Shopper's Drug Mart and they were awesome. I believe WalMart and Estée Lauder have some as well.

I used Neutrogena's Build a Tan....more orangey on me than natural...but not might work for you tho. I didn't like the smell.

Oh, just want to add that if you do have some dark spots/sun spots/freckles it might make them darker. I have found that Clinique's #2 clarifying lotion and a q-tip works wonders to take the bulk of the colour out. just twirl it on a spot careful not to go over onto the light skin, as well as lightly wipe it on areas that have possibly streaked or are a bit darker (knees, toes..etc) will blend the colour perfectly.

Hope this helps.

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