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I have alot of blonde from years of highlights (mostly on top) and it isn't a really light color, more of a caramel-y color (my natural color is very dark brown). It isn't damaged, but I take really really good care of my hair. It is shoulder-length and I condition every day and use a shine serum and my hair is very very soft. But like I said, I did not get all-over color, though my hair is mostly lighter now, and it isn't that gross bleachy light blonde that everyone gets. It is a nice compromise and my hair isn't fried. I think natural blonde hair is very beautiful, but I also like my brown. I figure by the time my grey comes in (im 29) highlights help to camoflage it. My mom had brown hair and she tried for years to dye over her grey, and it looked like crap. Finally she grew it out, and highlighted to blend the grey and remaining brown, and her hair looked the best it ever has. She is 53 now and has grey and blonde hair, and it is really pretty. I think it is fun to experiment with haircolor, but I always go to my hairdresser. I also get lots of trims and take really good care of my hair.
I've heard that you should only dye your hair two or less shades away from your natural color at home. People with medium to dark brown hair are probably going to look better with brunette hair color than they would if they went all the way blonde. Hillary is right that highlights are a great way to go because hair looks pretty when it's multi-tonal, especially if you take good care of it like Hillary does :wave:. I also think that you'll get the best, most natural looking results from hair dye if you choose a color close to what you had as a child. For instance, I had pale blonde hair as a little girl, which slowly darkened to dark blonde, with lots of blonde highlights especially in the summer, as I became an adult. I never dyed my hair at all until I was about 21, at which point I went from dark blonde about two shades lighter, to a cool medium blonde (it matched my cool ivory skin and green eyes). It's only a little bit darker and otherwise very close to my hair color as a child, and I think it looks pretty good. For roots, there is a spray-in blonde dye at drugstores that washes out completely after each use, usually by the spray-in crazy hair color in the hair dye aisle. It works pretty well--there used to be a foam that you could apply just to roots that made them blonder, but they stopped making it, unfortunately :confused:. Anyway, I would suggest that people considering going blonde stick to caramel/light brown highlights if their hair is darker than medium brown, that all wannabe blondes get highlights which make hair prettier and camoflage roots as they grow out, and that you consider coloring your hair the same shade it was when you were little. I also highly recommend Loreal Color Expert kits--I use the medium or light blonde ones which include both base color (for full head or root touch up) and a lighter color to apply as highlights. It works great, you can place the highlights exactly where you want with your hair styled as usual, and it's pretty reasonably priced if you only do it every few months, yet another reason not to go blonde if your hair is pretty dark naturally. So there are economical ways to be blonde, but it definitely requires more money and effort than maintaining your natural haircolor or highlights. And yes, it can cause damage, and I don't think it's always more attractive on many people than brown hair. It's important to match the undertone, warm or cool, of the dye to the undertones of your natural coloring and skin, or it won't look good. I think men perhaps liked my darker blonde hair better because it was more subtle and didn't attract as much attention to my face, but I like my blonde hair because it makes my skin glow and my face look very pretty, youthful, and angelic. Quite frankly though, I don't think most people care at all one way or another, so I'd only suggest dying your hair blonde if you want to and if you're only really doing it for you. I hope some of the advice you're getting helps a bit...good luck! :)

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