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I'm 40+, and have very white, oily skin with acne and dry patches. Can never find a shade of foundation light enough in the drug stores, and am currently using the lightest shade MAC has. Would like to try one of those mineral powders, but don't like the idea of spending lots of money for a kit that has two shades, one or both of which will be too dark. Anyone else with very fair skin that's had good results?
All I can say is that I do NOT recommend Ideal Balance by Almay.. my skin was just a little bit oily and it was made for combination skin. I know the lightest color by Cover Girl was even a little dark for me.. but Almay's colors are lighter.. but it made me break out HORRIBLY! I don't know why... I stopped using it and my face cleared up! I have a tan now so I wear a lot darker of a color than I used to.. but let me know if you find something good just in case for the winter time if I need something!
Neutrogena foundation is great for combination oily skin, it covers the skin very well, as it heals the skin from blemishes. Great foundation. $10-11 at Walgreens.
Neutrogena looks good, but the lightest is still way too dark for my pasty white countenance. I just broke down and ordered some mineral powders from Everyday Minerals--will let you know how it works out.
good luck :) sounds like lots of people on here love the mineral makeup!
hi all,
I'm a new member in this forum.
i know a very light foundation from Nina Ricci. It's called "Flawless Control Foundation- Luminous Balancing Fluid No.60". I do u use it for 3's very beautiful and very light color and light liquid especially for summer days.
I'm a new mmb in the healthboard & wish to give & get the best here.
Any way i know a ver light foundation from NINA RICCI, it's called (Flawless Control Foundation-Luminous Balancing Fluid).it will look great on ur skin.
Try it & tell me.
Oooh You have skin just like mine!!!! I also have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, and there are many foundations that make me break out.

I use Cover Girl Oil-free liquid foundation (in Ivory or Classic Ivory color)

I also buy Clean & Clear OIl Absorbing Sheets (a small blue pack)... it's a good face freshener in the afternoon or late morning, it soaks up all the excess oil on your face without harming your makeup...
Well, I got the Everyday Minerals kit. For the most part I'm happy with it, though the lightest shade could be just a tish lighter. Also, it seems the mineral veil powder does add a bit of color too, so the overall effect is a little darker than I like, and it's awfully easy to lay it on too thick. But it's close, the coverage is better than the MAC liquid I was using, and it's been fun experimenting. I splurged and went for the kit that includes three blushers, four eye shadows, two foundations, mineral veil, bronzer, and a brush ($38). Even though the eyeshadows were touted as neutral, "sitting around the house" shades like "Comfy" and "Net Browsing", they're shiny to the point of being glittery. The blushes are very shiny too, but don't look shiny on the skin because you use so little. They offer a matte and shiny foundation, and I went with matte, as someone on a forum said it's a lot less shiny than Bare Minerals.

Anyway, next time I get more foundation I'd like to see if there's a brand that's a little bit lighter. Any whiteys out there who have tried the mineral lines and found a good match?
I bought some on eBay called Mineral Pure in "Porcelain" color, which is practically white! It's even way too light for me, but I mixed it with my other mineral makeup that was too dark & it worked great! Next time I will try a color from them that is closer to my actual skin!

As far as other makeup, I like CG TruBlend, liquid and powder foundation and I like the pressed powder in that line too! I used to use Neutrogena Skin Clearing, and Revlon New Complexion in the past & the color was light enough, but I have had compliments since switching, so it must not have looked that good!
Shisheido has good pale foundation (I never recall shade names); it was wonderful because it didn't look pink (I have a problem because I'm quite pale too, and foundation tends to make me look pink or sallow). I quite like the palest shade by Jane too, but it's pretty light in consistency too. I have to say that I like the Cover Girl foundations too. They're quite fair, and they don't look masklike. You didn't say what sort of consistency you like, but those are liquids.

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