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My natural hair is dark brown with a little red tint. I'm 30yr old/female, I dye it blonde now.
The first time I got it don't I went to a place that was medium priced but the lady REALLY screwed up my hair! Before she got hold of my head I coulda been the poster child for perfect silky hair, no split ends.....
I picked out a great color! She put it on my hair, then washed it off after it had lightened. SHE TURNED MY ROOTS SILVER/GRAY & THE REST OF MY HAIR WAS VERY ORANGE! I almost had a heart attack! SO, now that it was that screwed up there was no way I could go with the much lighter blonde I had picked. She said she could fix it but I had to pick a toner slightly darker than the color I picked. So, I did. She put it on and you could STILL see the roots were much lighter than where the orange was and it was still brassy looking. SO, she decided she could fix THAT and put yet another toner/lightener on!
I think I did have a heart attack at this point! Well, she did get it to an "acceptable" color but the color was not even, it was darker and lighter here and there but there was NO way I was gonna let her put on anymore dye at that point! I was scared my hair was going to fall out from all that...
I went to on a trip to meet some friends and they noticed to colors being so different right away. Then said, I should get darker honey colored highlights to mask the uneveness of the color. So, I did. It did help the color but my hair was frizzel fried at this point. I had to get 6 inches cut off then just to be able to manage it into not looking like I had been hit electricity. It was still not managable.. So, I had more cut off and later more cut off.. My hair was down to my butt when I started, now it's below my chin and still fried as you can't imagine! SOOOOOOO, for your first time going platinum... Take out a loan on your house and get the best "color specialist" in the country to do your color. Ask what brand and exact color they use so, when you go to a regular salon you can tell them what they have to use on your roots. My hair grows one inch a month. I do my roots every 2 weeks. It is expensive and a pain but I LOVE being blonde (except for the fried hair which wouldn't have happened if I had went to a PRO "color specialist" in the first place).
Good luck!
[QUOTE=Cassie4u22]Yikes T, your story kinda scares me!! Maybe I should just stick with my blonde/red highlights. Why couldn't I have just been that 1% of natural born blondes that actually STAYS platinum blonde as an adult? Urgh![/QUOTE]
My experience was pretty bad due to the salon I picked to do it. I went for cheaper the first time and it ended up costing me tripple what it would have to have had it done by a color specialist in the first place. My point to you is that if you're going blonde all over then pay the extra cost the first time around because the salon will be putting color on "all" of your hair. After you get it all done then you'll only have to deal with roots and can then go to the cheaper salons to get the roots done without the worry of them messing your hair up all over your head. Roots are pretty hard to mess up once you get the rest of your hair the color you want. You'll just need to ask the first salon you go to what brand an color they use for your hair so, you know what to tell the cheaper salons they have to use on your hair. You can always call around to a few of them until you find one that uses the coloring products you want used. My problem ended up being that I let the cheaper salon put lightener all over my hair from roots to ends and they had no clue how to deal with the reddish tones in my hair which is why it came out orange. How she got the roots gray, I'll never know.... A good color specialist deals with these things every day and will know exactly what to do to get the exact color you want without messing up your hair. I think if you've ever had color put on such as red highlights, etc., that there's a process that strips all the colors off before they make it to blonde color you want and that protects you from ending up with orange hair.
Good luck! :)

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