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Sorry, this is probably gonna be kinda long..but I need some suggestions.

Recently I've realized that I've been developing fine lines on my face... and I'm only 19!
I have two on my forehead and two around the corners of my mouth. I guess I wrinkle my forehead more than I should...and the other two are from smiling or something.
I'm like trying to make less facial expressions now because I don't want these ugly lines to be worse. Sometimes they're not visible and other times as soon as I make a facial expression they come back!
The worst part is that I can't even smile anymore because it makes it sooooo much worse. Ugh!

I've noticed one line on my forehead when I was in high school a couple of years ago (probably because I used to smoke a lot). Then after a while that line completely went away. Sometimes it'd come back, but I'd just put some lotion on it and it was gone. It was probably from dry skin or something.
But now this awful line has come back and has a friend...:(

Here are a few things that are probably contributing to my issue:
1.) I don't drink a lot of water. Maybe 2-3 glasses per day. Definitely not enough, I know. So I guess I need to drink more.
2.) I drink caffeine...not a lot. Occasionally I have a Pepsi or something. So that shouldn't be a huge issue.
3.) I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables as I should. Recently, however, I've been eating a lot more, yet this wrinkle problem is getting WORSE!!
4.) I smoke occasionally. Not every single day, and not more than like a cigarette when I do. But I know A LOT of people who smoke like a pack per day and still don't have any skin problems. :(
5.) I drink/party at least once every week.
6.) Recently I've been suffering from insomnia. I can't fall asleep before 4-5am, and then I end up sleeping late in the afternoon (1-2pm). On top of the fine lines, I've developed bags under my eyes too. :rolleyes:
7.) I wear make-up almost daily. I have bad skin because the color is uneven in some areas, and my pores look ugly no matter how clean my skin is...I guess it's genetic because my mom has huge pores too :(. So I have to wear make-up to cover these imperfections.

Though I know all those things listed about probably contribute A LOT to my problem, these lines still shouldn't be as bad as they are.
Recently they've been getting way worse to the point where I just can't make any facial expressions (lol).

I've been using this anti-aging lotion and some other stuff that's supposed to "tighten pores." I apply either one or both before putting on make-up, and before I go to bed. It makes the lines to away, so in the morning I wake up without the lines. But as soon as I wash my face they come back. It's so awful, ugh!
I don't know what else to do.
I guess I can try drinking more water, eating healthier, quitting bad habits, and sleeping better. I feel that my recent sleeping issues are probably the biggest cause because I've never had sleeping problems before..and therefore never really had these fine lines. But now that I can't sleep I've noticed the lines getting worse and worse.

Sorry this is long, but I really don't wanna have wrinkles at 19. That's insane. My mom is like 53-ish and she has like 4 wrinkles on her face.
Is there anything else I can do to help get rid of these? I'm hoping that a few health changes will do the trick.
Also, I've recently read about this Silkia Camellia oil on this board. That's supposed to get rid of lines, right?
First of all, what is it? Is it a oil or a creme or what?
Where can I get it?
How much does it cost per jar or tube..or whatever it comes in?
[If anyone can please suggest a store or some other place I can get it at (if it's worth getting). Please don't suggest e-Bay or something similar because I can't buy stuff online. I've had some REALLY bad experiences with that...ordering stuff, paying for it, and never getting the product. I don't wanna waste my money like that. :nono: ]


P.S. I don't go to tanning salons or expose my skin to the sun very much at all. So I know that's not an issue.

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