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Don't everybody else said, you don't look as bad as you think.
Cellulite is a problem for a lot of women. I read somewhere that 80% women develop cellulite at some point. I don't know how accurate that information was, but I know that A LOT of women have it. As icky as it looks, it's "natural" I guess.

Also, don't waste your time on creams for cellulite...they DO NOT help. I watched a 20/20 or Dateline (or something, don't remember which show) but it was a documentary type thing on cellulite. They had 3 or 4 women go to different places for treatment. They assigned a different treatment for every woman - using some machines and cremes and whatnot...
In the end none of the treatments resulted any significant improvement. So don't bother wasting your money.
I don't know whether exercise helps, but I'm guessing it does at least a little bit. So you could try working on those areas of your body to improve muscle tone and everything.

As for stretch marks, those suck. A lot of women have those as well. I used to have a bunch on my butt and legs as well...but most of them have faded that they're hardly visible. So don't worry about those, they will fade over time. If you want to speed up the process you can try using coco butter..I hear that helps fade them.

Good luck and don't feel bad about it because a lot of us go through that and it's most likely not as bad as you think.

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