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You cannot lighten a dark color with color. The only way to go blonde is to bleach, which means removing the pigment from your hair and then toning to the correct color. This requires a salon, in my opinion. Too drastic a change to undertake yourself, and if you try an OTC bleaching kit, you will likely be left with orange hair. You also run the risk of serious damage-you wouldn't believe all the "help! my hair melted off!" stories out there...

I am naturally dark brown and was blonde for a few years, due to highlighting. I had more highlights put in at each appointment until I reached the desired color. This is costly and high-maintenence but my hair had little damage and the color was nice. I am now back to dark brown because the maintenence was a bit much, and everyone is blonde these days.

I cannot stress this enough: do not try this at home! It is not worth the pain and anguish of a botched color-job, or worse, hair fall-out due to severe over-processing. this is a job for a professional. :bouncing:
LOL, I don't think I've ever seen "natural" and "Britney Spears" in the same sentence.

You can go lighter with just color and no bleach, but only a few shades. I am a dark blonde and go bright blonde without bleach.

If your hair is truly dark, I wouldn't recommend going'll have to get root touch-ups every 2 weeks! Personally, I think women who do this look unnatural. If you do decide to go ahead with it, I second the above advice: a professional job is a must. Good luck!
How do you go from dark blonde to light blonde without bleach?, I'm also dark blonde and i have to highlight my hair with bleach to get it lighter.
I go to cosmetology school. The Brown Aveda Institute and I agree with one of the girls who said 'do not do it at home'! You will ruin your hair and the only way to go lighter from being dark is bleaching it out. You can add blonde with a certain type of color (only Aveda has it) but it only lifts a couple levels, not anything near what you're looking for. I recommend if you want to go lighter, go to the salon, ask for highlights (natural looking) and if you like it, keep going back and eventually you will become the blonde that you want to be. Just don't do it yourself. You will turn orange and you will not like it, guaranteed! If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask. Hope I helped.

P.S.. if you're worried what you will look like as a blonde, if you don't like it, you can always go back dark. Just remember, its better for your hair to go dark then it is to go light. Going light requires bleach. Color doesn't lift color; bleach lifts color!
I would not recommend going blonde at home, i did it myself from dyed dark brown, and ended up dying it about ten times to correct any yellow and even green tint that may appear. Im ash blonde now and happy with it, but wish i just went to the hairdressers to get the same results, but cheaper, quicker and gentler for my hair.
if you are as stubborn as me and insist on doing it yourself, the best tips i would give you are:
-leave the bleach o your hair until its light yellow (you may have to bleach it twice, leave a few days in between)
-get a violet based toner (ash blond/beige blond, check that it is not green-based) to counteract the yellow
-condition a lot! I use a rich conditioner with purple pigments(leave it on 5-10 minutes)and occasionally a leave-in conditioner on top of that
lots of advice on going blonde at home:

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