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[QUOTE=Holly4k9]Try going for different shades of blonde.. almost to a platinum. I have a few freinds that do that..[/QUOTE]
I only color the outer layers of my hair, which are highlights and shades of blonde. The bad part is it's a lot of upkeeping since my natural color is dark and when it barely grows it is all dark with the grays sticking out like an eyesore shouting "I'm old, don't let the highlights fool you!" and needs coloring/highlighting immediately and looks like it's greasy when in fact it's simply the dark roots shooting out.

I keep the other 60% of my hair underneath untouched because highlighting makes hair brittle, so underneath is thick "virgin" hair that is covered with the highlighted hair, giving volume to the whole head. It just sucks when my hair is not in place because it's not the most attractive thing to see very light hair then all the dark hair underneath. Otherwise highlighting would take a big toll on the hair and when I see older women who have been highlighting for many years, some are so fried and unhealthy. I am still in the first few years and still I notice the highlighted section getting brittle and dead, so I imagine my whole head of hair would be like that if I also colored all of the hair I keep untouched underneath.

I envy the naturally blonde women who have gorgeous locks of blonde that doesn't require as invasive of highlighting to highlight and upkeep!!! :)

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