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Young momma, i saw an airbrush makeup kit w/ 4 oz. liquid stuff to spray, for $299 by O2 cosmetics. I'll try to find the brand you mention.

I agree wtih using face blotting papers, i dont know if it's just me but even though "less is better" i keep caking on the makeup even though my sister and friends beg me not to. I used to have acne as a teenager, so a few scars have been left behind. I also have very white skin that is sensitive to sunlight and it turns red from even a little exposure, which i hate, so it's like I try to cover everything up by using more and more makeup. If I use Bare Minerals, I have to use a thick concealer globbed on underneath, then brush on the BE then put regular compressed makeup powder over. Then in the car I'll keep applying mroe. If I use sparingly, I feel insecure like people might see my real skin. My sister bought me a lot of BE makeup to help me, but the way I use it with all the other products combined, when she sees me she says "why don't you use the BE I bought for you?" and I don't want to hurt her feelings by saying i am, but over a bunch of other makeup. :nono:

tigerlilly and k_c_lady, regarding the serums - my mom had given me a bottle of "ANEW Clearly C 10% Vitamin C Serum" a couple of years ago. I used it a few times then stopped, she thought I ran out and bought me another bottle (I had forgotten all about it, just found it in my drawers). I guess people around me are trying to help me, but I don't use the products they so generously give me. When I really do the right things and my skin looks good, I feel like I don't deserve it or something and hide behind a mask of makeup. I think I have issues or something... :confused:

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