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[QUOTE=tUrRrRa]Haha yeah.. I mean if it were burning flesh how does that make sense if you didn't BURN or if it doesn't happen outside in the sun? I actually am on BC pills so that's probably my case! A shower is definitely the best idea.. I just get a weird smell on ALL of my skin. They say to wait an hour or so or showering right away can make you not tan as much.[/QUOTE]

ALl of your skin? I am assuming it dissapears after a shower? Mine didnt.. it kept stinking after a shower and antibacterial soap.. but since I tried the crystal deoderant there is no smell at all. Deoderant reaction obviously.

I DID ask my tanning salon owner and she said that a lot of the women mentioned this and she asked around on an industry board online and it was suggested that a tanner with this problem use chlorophyll.. like the concentrate liquigels you can get at a healthfood store....some suggested the antimicrobial tanning lotions also.. . She's convinced it is from BC pills or in SOME cases BAD HYGEINE. In your case if its all over I betcha chlorophyll woudl work great! ;)

Burning in my case is not the problem as Im darker skinned black haired and not going for a tan but to clear up my skin.. so I go HALF of the tim eit takes the light skinned people to tan.. Im a white and native american mix... which is working. :cool:

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