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Re: Green armpits
Feb 3, 2006
[QUOTE=VioletDelight]I have a slight green tinge to my armpits. Also, whenever I shave stubble is always seen, even when they feel smooth. Why is this?[/QUOTE]

Wow.. I never had any green tinge, but I have had the stubble after shaving, I usually exfolliate the armpit before shaving and that does the trick for me. I can get it totally smoooth if I use a scrub exfolliator wash or a loofa washcloth. I do this to my legs too.. and my bikini area before a wax... totally smooth and no visual hair.

Green huh? Is there an odor to it or just green color? Im not an expert, but green means bacteria or infection in other things, so perhaps you have a bacterial thing going on. Personally Id go to a Dr in a hurry if it was me.. but maybe in the meantime try the antibacterial products out there .. couldnt hurt anyway.
Good luck!

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