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[QUOTE=babygirl_8262]When I shave I shave in a warm bath and put on lotin afterwards. I have little bumps under my skin and it doesn't look good! Is there anything causing this and is there ways so it doesn't happen?
Can razor bumps lead to ingrown hairs? Is there ways to get rid of ingrown hairs?[/QUOTE]

I can't put lotion on my legs for at least an hour after shaving or I get the razor rash like you describe. I think you only tend to get ingrown hairs in areas with curly hair.

I usually shave with my shampoo/conditioner in one which works great and is at least non-drying. Another thing that worked great is jojoba oil, which I bought to try on my face but couldn't bring myself to use it there so I shaved with it. No need to moisturize after.

I'm planning on trying that with camellia oil, which I do use on my face. They sell it for the face in tiny bottles that are fairly expensive, but I discovered it is a cooking oil in asia so am thinking it must be available in asian markets at a reasonable price.

I tried baby oil years ago when it was a thing to shave with or put on your body while still wet then towel off. It gave me pimples on my legs!

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