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I actually purchased Neutrogenas Microdermabrasion kit. It was $34.95. May seem pricey but it comes with with two sponges for the hand held thing and the stand it sits in. Also it comes with the Oxcide Crystals. It's a generous sized portion. It doesn't take much either. So a lot will go a long way. Once you use it for the first week, you will cut back to 1-3 a week. You can re purchase the Oxcide Crystals and foam pads at Walmart. The Crystals retail for $15 and the foam pads are only $4 something. The initial cost is worth it. I've noticed a change in my skin.
My skin is pretty sensitive and thin. I also have a skin condition called Malasma due to being on hormones. It causes dark coloration around my eyes and a big spot on my forehead. I've been on retina A and hydroquinone (bleaching cream) by my dermatologist. I find the retina A makes my face peal to much and the topical bleaching cream does not work.
I posted a topic on this Kit if you'd like to check it out. I think it will have good long term effects with propper use. I love it and will continue to use it. :bouncing:
If your in a pinch, Origins also makes a good dermabrasion as well called
Micro Friction, made with rice bran and verbena. Very fluffy and non abrasive. Smells good too.
Hope this was helpful for you. Do check out my post on the Neutrogena Dermabrasion Kit. ;)

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