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I don't know if you are willing to go to a salon, but they can put toner in your hair to get the red out of it. When I dyed mine myself my hair stylist said the color wasn't even (I didn't notice!! Looked fine to me..) but she said the back had some red in the bottom that was covered. She used toner to even it all out!
I would go and have your hair done by a colorist, if you want to change your color, you will have to remove the color by lifting the colorant off, there is a product for this.
In CVS or a beauty shop nearby you it is called hair color remover, the process to remove the pigment of the color, to provide for a new color. I used a product by Loreal, my roots came out too light almost bleach blonde and the rest was a orange color I used a color filler clear this adds a balance to the hair for over all, so dry ends won't soak up too much of color or less., then I added med golden blonde and all came out OK.

On the color chart if you want to get rid of red tone use a ash base, w/ another base that is warm or your hari will look dull.
Chart is
Violet to rid of yellow
green to rid of red
blue to ride of orange

OK, thisis what you can try to do I have done it buy a color that is in harmony with the red color you have, use a darker color brown to break up the color, two tone it, I have used colorants over colrants, yet one never knows what it will look like, always do a strand test.

sorry for the confusion, yet best bet is hair colorist.

Good luck


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