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As far as drying does clarifying shampoo. You should only use the baking soda maybe once a week. I don't even use that often. Only when I notice that my normal shampoo doesn't seem to be working. I don't wash my hair everyday. I wash every third day. When my hair gets greasy by the second day of not washing, I know it's time to use the baking soda. That is usually about once or twice a month. Any more than that and it will definitly dry your hair out. Maybe use a nice deep conditioner treatment after.
My friend has very oily hair and it works wonders on her hair. My hair is curly and usually dry so that is why I only use it when I really need it.
I'm not really sure what you mean about taking out the bleach.....Do you mean when your hair is bleached to lighten? As far as I know, bleach cannot be rinsed out. I'm not sure the effect of baking soda on hair dye.
So if you do want to try it....I just usually put baking soda in a shallow bowl and add some warm water to make it a paste. Don't massage it thru all your will definitly make your hair dry. Rub into your scalp only. I massage it in for a min or two and rinse. Then follow with a nice thick conditioner.
I use baking soda on my teeth too. Tastes kinda gross. but works good to whiten. I've read to use it as a body scrub too but haven't tried that.

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