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hi all:) I have been using BM for a few years now; love it. Recently tried liquid foundation again just on a fluke; never again. The health of my skin has improved so much in using BM. I agree with others here that have said the success in coverage is in brushes. For a full coverage look you really need the kabuki brush. I love all the brushes; they all have their unique use. Very critical however is regular shampooing and conditioning of brushes, preferrably once a week if you are using them everyday, and definitely at least every two weeks. If not, you will definitely experience an eventual performance difference where the coverage will look cakey. If you are getting cakey results it is likely passed time to wash brushes. Wash with a gentle shampoo and condition with a VERY light conditioner and rinse well; blot out moisture; let dry thoroughly (naturally) and then fluff out.

The Bisque is an EXCELLENT multi-tasking product for concealing, eyeshadow base, or extra coverage where needed.

With BM you just have to experiment and find what techniques work best for your needs. As far as I am concerned there really is no right or wrong way; other than being sure brushes are clean or you will get poor results. What happens is excess product clings to brushes and then applies too much and won't blend well. With BM you can achieve a natural nude look to full coverage....achieved with a light layering technique. A variety of techniques are used by different users. Some use Mineral Veil alone for a very light natural look; others use BM foundation alone; others use BM foundation w/MV dusting; others first apply Bisque and then BM Foundation. Others do an extended layering enhanced coverage technique with apply Mineral Veil, then BM Foundation, MV again, and finish with a final light dusting of Foundation in extra coverage needed areas. I have even read on BM makeup boards where gals are mixing their own unique hybrid blend using portions of MV/Foundation/Bisque for their own unique coverage blends. The options are endless.

Makeup will stay fresher looking all day with BM and not "wear off" as it does with conventional liquids. Most importantly BM is natural minerals without liquid oils to clog pores. Once you have quit using liquid foundation and have been using BM for awhile and then re-try liquids your skin feels an oil slick, and within a week or two your complexion substantially worsens with increased blackheads and breakouts.

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