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hi Constant, if the at home remedies posted don't work, you might want to consider [B]Mavala Double Lash conditioner[/B]. It isn't retailed through any 'brick & mortar' type stores that I am aware of...I called all over trying to find luck. Finally found it through several online beauty sources. As I recall it was somewhere around $15. I have had 4 surgeries this year and my whole system is shot for hair and skin:( I read that it conditions and thickens eyebrows and eyelashes so I ordered it and have been using it on my eyebrows and eyelashes for nearly 2 months, but was not good about applying it everyday. Actually I kinda figured nothing would happen, but had to try after what I read about this product. I definitely see a difference in eyebrows, even though they say it really takes about 3-6 month to get full benefit. I am very motivated now about getting serious with regular applications, lol.

My eyebrows are not thick by any stretch of the imagination, but MUCH thicker than what they were..... I am stunned to say the least! As for eyelash differences...well, my lashes are definitely more conditioned but I am not sure that they are any thicker or eyelashes are so blond and thin that it is just too hard to see. Anyway, the stuff comes in a lil bottle about the size of nail polish where the brush inside is like a mascara wand brush. The product itself is kinda watery consistency so clearly it should last a long time. I use it twice a day on both areas and can't even tell any product is gone. The key is to take the brush and work it back and forth into the root area....very hard to do with eyelases. The instructions don't say to do this says just apply like mascara. I got the application hint elsewhere from others who were posting on product experiences and application techniques. Those who were getting results were massaging it into the root area. The manufacturer of course is not going to instruct to do that for obvious liability reasons being so near the eye, etc.

I had overplucked eyebrows as a teenager and now at age 55 I figured I was doomed foreverto have nearly bald sparse anyone knows who has overplucked continually...they sometimes don't grow back:( Anyway, this stuff makes grow back!!!! The new hair growing in is very light and fine...kinda like babyhair. I read online that is the first new generation incoming hair...over repeated use the hair transitions to more adult hair in texture and color....same things happen with guys who use Rogaine or Minoxidil hair replacement formulas....thus, the 3-6 month window for full benefit to evolve, etc. So, last weekend I tinted my new baby fine baby hair eyebrows....OMG....hey, I have eyebrows!!!! lol Since tinting them I don't even have to use my eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder if I don't want to!!!! YEAH!!!!! lol I tried tinting my eyelashes too so I could see what the heck is happening there, but for some reason they didn't tint at all...and I know there is at least a hair or two there somewhere!!! Actually, I don't like the tinting product at all....very expensive for what it is....especially since it didn't work at all on the eyelashes. I am going to find an alternative tinting process for eyebrows and just use mascara on lashes;)

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