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I get red highlights in my hair every few months or so, but they fade soooo quickly. My hairdresser is going on a month long study in NYC throughout all of June and I have a huge wedding to go to that month, that I want my highightls to look fresh for. So I'm getting them done about the 2nd week in May (he's extremely busy, but thats his only available appt) and want them to stay until June 17th. It doesn't sound like that long but the red in my hair washes out in record time. So does anyone know any tips other than washing and conditioning with a color safe shampoo and conditioner that will keep the red in until then?
Thanks in advance! :)

P.S. I use Jon Fredia shampoo and conditioner specifically for red color treated hair. Should I be trying something else maybe?
[QUOTE=KimC2005]I have this same problem with red highlights. It is like it just slips right off my hair after a few washes. I try to make sure to wait 24-36 hrs before washing, but that doesn't keep the color from fading. I even tried to color my hair a kind of auburn brown color. It was red for awhile, but washed out and left me with blonde hair. Have you though about trying another color besides red? Blonde is really good in my hair and stays for soo long. Even after several weeks people will still ask me if I just had my hair colored.[/QUOTE]

Well, I've thought about other colors but I have really, really dark brown hair and the best color highlight I've had in it is red. The day I get it done it looks fantastic, but about a week later it has started to fade so much that you can barely even tell it's there. And the worst part is when it fades it doesn't just wash out, but it actually turns the previously red areas a very light blonde which I think looks horrible with my haircolor.

P.S. I can actually see traces of red come out of my hair after I take a shower and ring my hair of the excess water. Is this normal or should I maybe switch shampoos or something? I'm really desperate because I'm getting the highlights done May 11th and want the highlights to stay until June 17th. Not only is my hairdresser going to be gone, but it gets too pricey to have highlights put in every month, plus it can't be good for my hair. So any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated for making color remain longer! :)

Also, I have to use a leave-in conditioner for my hair because it is very curly and tangles easily, do they make color protected leave in conditioners or does it not matter because it's not being washed out?
I dyed my hair like deep almost eggplant red like 3 years ago, and I have the opposite problem as you guys. Yeah, the color fades but I'm still left with a red tint. And no matter what I do, no matter how many times I dye it over with dark brown hair dye, it always fades back to this reddish brown color. The only way I can get it out of my hair is to dye my hair black but I look like a goth if I do. So I'm stuck.
[QUOTE=Constant]John Frieda puts out a product called Glaze. There are I believe, four different "color" enhancers/boosters one being red. It is INCREDIBLE STUFF![/QUOTE]

Really? I'm curious about this product but it didn't get the best reviews on a popular cosmetic board. A lot of people complained it made their hair very greasy. So maybe it's not the best for someone with fine hair? Did it make your hair greasy?

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