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Re: Eyelashes
Apr 9, 2006
[QUOTE=tUrRrRa]Maybe you should try what some posters have said works for them. They put on mascara and then use the cool setting on a blow dryer to blow them upward!

My eyelashes used to get like that b/c I sleep on the side of my face!! Mine have been straightening out after they are wet, so after I wash my face each morning they turn out fine.[/QUOTE]

Huh. I have this problem. The eyelashes on one eye refuse to behave. And it's the eye that droops a little, so I keep trying to make it look better. Anyway, I do tend to sleep on that side, so maybe that has something to do with it. I keep coming across various reasons why I should sleep on my back anyway. I hate sleeping on my back, but I guess I better try it.

I've been doing the blow dryer thing, and I don't get the results the other's are raving about, but I think it is better than curling because it does blow them apart. Of course, this trick works better on the good eye as well.

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