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Yea, you can't really go from almost black to blonde right away.
It will take a few gradual steps. If you want it bad enough you'll have to put up with the orange for a while.
Whatever you decide to do, don't bleach your hair a bunch of times in a row. I know this really stupid girl (I know that's mean, but seriously..some people lack common sense), anyway, she bleached her hair like 3 times in a row, I think, in like maybe a week and a half or so. Well, the last time she did it her hair started breaking off and falling out like crazy. I'm surprised she didn't go bald. Now her hair is like 50 different lengths all over because it broke off so much... not only that but it's the ugliest shade of yellow I've ever seen.

You definitely DON'T want that to happen to you. If you want the highlights, do it gradually and put up with the orange for a while. If your hair is dry from just one bleaching, think how bad it would be if you did it multiple times in a matter of days or even weeks. Not smart.
Either accept the orange for a while, or keep your hair the way it is. I suggest you keep it and just go out in the sun for a while in the summer. You'd be srprised how much the sun can lighten your hair.
My boyfriend has hair that's also really dark brown, almost black. But when he goes out in the sun in the summer parts of his hair turn medium brown/reddish brown. I personally think that looks better anyway.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Why would you want to get blonde highlights over almost black hair?? :eek: Honestly, I think it's not the best idea. Most likely you don't have the right skin tone for it, either. In my opinion, it would be much more flattering and WAY less maintenance if you got highlights that are in a warmer and slightly lighter tone than your own haircolor, say burgundy-brown, or something with a slightly reddish hue. NOT blonde, though. Even if the color turned out okay, would you really want to deal with the dark roots, which would be extremely noticeable on naturally dark hair? Not worth it in my opinion. Oh, and please don't try to do your highlights at home--it's a disaster waiting to happen. It's so worth the money to go to the salon. good luck!
Yeah you are right Sofia I think I'm gonna do some very soft light brown highlights along with my dark hair. Actually, my skin is very light, and my black hair makes me look so pale that is why I need a change. Alot of people tell me that it looks nice you know the fair skin with dark hair, but i think I'm ready for a change. I'll keep you posted on my change thank you so much you guys for your input. :wave:
I have my very dark brown, almost black hair professionally highlighted almost a year now. I was very concerned as you were that it would be orange or even a yucky red. My stylist assured me that he would not have it look that way, and he was right. What he did was he foiled in some light brown to medium brown highlights into the hair and then toned it again with the same color. He didn't use bleach, rather color. It looks great. It is in no way orange or even red. It looks as though I had a day at the beach, as the colors blend in nicely. It looks about 2 or 3 shades lighter than what I have, yet it isn't so sudtle that you can't see it. It is like a caramelly amberish color, very becoming on a brunnette and exactly what I envisioned. I don't have bad looking roots also, because it just blends in nicely almost looking like they just belong there. I have gotten so many compliements from it as it really brightened me up. Good luck..
You can definitly see the highlights without the sun. It isn't just sudtle, it's very noticeable. I asked my guy for highlights that would look natural within the shades of my own hair. I wanted to go a couple of shades lighter then my own hair color. He said that I have golden, [B]not red [/B] hues to my very dark hair, and so he was sure that it wouldn't come out the red or orange that I feared. I told him that I didn't want to use bleach in that it does dry out the hair, (been down that road before). When you drop color onto hair it adds sheen and depth, and is better for the hair. When you take color out it gets dull and dry. I don't know the brand or the name he used, I do know its a line from Italy. He gave me a book with all the swatches of hair pieces of shades for me to pick out and I choose medio bionde.. medium blond.. but that isn't quite what it looks like. It's more in the light brown category.. very pretty.. I am very happy with it, and as I said it is very noticable even without the sun..Good luck keep us up to date!

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