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I have never gotten my hair highlighted by a pro. I have really dark, dark hair, like Aisan hair. I wanted subtle light brown, (not blonde) hightlights for my prom two years ago, so I went Wal-Mart and bought a highlighting kit, La Petite something or other, it was the cheapest they had. Well, I come home later, all excited to get down to business. I look at the box more closely, at the bottom, in tiny print it says: [B]"for dark blonde to light brown hair"[/B]. :eek: But I ended using it anyway.

It was the best mistake I ever made. My hair turned out a cool light brown/dark blonde color. It looked hella good, if I do say so myself. Anyway, I managed to get it very blonde the more I touched it up. I guess I don't worry much about drying out my hair because my hair gets oily pretty quickly, so the texture of my hair was pretty much the same as before I frosted it. So it is possible to have dark hair and not have to go to a pro to achieve nice results. I think the secret is to get a highlighting kit that's for light brown hair and/or claims to give dark blond results.

Also, if you're going to use just regular blond frost & tip kit like from, say, Clairol, and get ugly orange "Harry and the Hendersons" orangutan results, you're supposed to go and get a regular blonde hair dye, preferably a color from the 'cool' family, like a light brown to dark blonde, to get the red tones out of your hair. I also hear you shouldn't color your hair while on you period because of your hormones.

Anyway, I just wanted to help any dark haired people on a budget, who don't have an option to get it done professionally. :) (I grew up in a family of 4 girls, who each liked being blond at one point in their lives, it was like rite of passage in my family, much to our mom's chagrin.)

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