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hi Cheeto, I am 55 and have been using BE for a couple of years now. As to where you can buy it and how much....BE is sold at some limited brick & mortar beauty stores such as BE stores, Sephora, and Ulta beauty stores; however, I don't know if any are near you. You can check store locators for them or order directly online...BE is sold through various online beauty resources. It is pricier than drugstore lines. The foundation usually runs about $25. To get the best results you need to purchase quality makeup brushes along with BE products as well. The brushes are expensive and most economically obtained through QVC where they uniquely pair the product with the brush used to apply it for one price. For example you need Bisque for a concealor, around $20, and the brush which if purchased separately is somewhere around $12-$15 as I recall; however, through QVC you can purchase the combo for around $23 or so. You also need mineral veil as a finishing powder to set the look which I think is around $20 as well. I would also highly recommend GLEE and WARMTH which are highly pigmented blush type products that last forever. After 2 years I can easily have 80% or more of them left. They are natural minerals so unlike oil based makeup they don't go bad. The products last a very long time as you use very little. The best pricing packages I have found is the kits. I would say unless you are familiar with BE pricing, stay away from EBAY as some vendors there are actually charging as much or more for products you can buy for less. There are economically priced starter kits, with small size products, available through BE toll free line or online---I haven't priced the kit lately but I think they run somewhere in the neighborhood of about $40 but you need to check because I could be way off on that. I have found some of the best values at QVC with kit purchases that include a variety of products for face, lips, eyes, etc; but, would recommend a foundation starter kit to begin with.

As for your question about impact on wrinkles/fine lines. It seems that women have varying experiences with it. Some report that it minimizes lines and pores and others have said they felt it pronounced them more. In my opinion/experience the key is in application technique. If applied too heavily or if brushes collect buildup and are not regularly cleaned I do get cakey results. The application technique is VERY different from liquid foundation and takes an acquired flare for it. A ittle work and patience but worth it. The health of my skin improved dramatically. I will never return to liquid foundation again; have tried it a couple of times since and got breakouts and it just felt oily and nasty on my face like it was suffocating my skin. So strange how I wore liquid foundation for so many years and never truly "felt" what it was doing to my skin. For me, I have found an application technique that minimizes any risk of cakiness or settling into lines/pores---I first apply a light dusting of Bisque and then very lightly water spray mist the concealor brush and delicately smooth out lines/pores and let thoroughly dry, about 1 min or less, then apply light dusting of BE foundation and again do concealor brush spray mist/smooth out/let dry; apply blush & eye makeup; final application is mineral veil to set the look and gives an airbrush look light finish. I also keep a men's shaving brush onhand for any stubborn areas that need to be firmly buffed out for smoothing product application. BE is one of the most versatile lines as the options are limitless with personal techniques that work best for you. It lasts all day without a need for touchup and unlike most makeup which fade after application it is truly a product that gets better and more luminous throughout the day. Personally I can't say enough good things about it and highly recommend it.

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