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Re: Please help!
Apr 26, 2006
Helpless, first, let me state to please make sure you discuss your skincare needs with your mother before doing anything! As for skincare for pigmenation problems there are a couple of over the counter products that will help: skin bleaching cream (this is NOT household bleaching ingredient!)--Dr. Palmer's Skin Bleach Cream is a good one at Walmart---there are several lines that carry a skin bleach cream----read ingredient labels always---look for the key ingredient in skin bleaching which is 2% Hydroquinine. You stated that your derm doctor has prescribed something so check that out first as there are prescription level 4% Hydroquinine products so you could already be using a higher percentage version. Also, Olay Regenerist microdermabrasion/peel kit---the key acid base ingredient is lactic acid which is the type of acid that is best for pigmentation problems. Olay Regenerist is the only over the counter peel that uses lactic acid; the others use glycolic/AHA acid. The percentage in all of the over the counter lines is very low and safe, but be sure to follow directions and I would do a 24 hour patch test using a small area on the inside of your forearm before proceeding to use it on your face...especially at your age. Again, please make sure you discuss it thoroughly with your mother.

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