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i am pale white and i am still looking for a good foundation/powder. I have undereye circles and a little scar from a pimple so i dont need real heavy coverage but maybe enough coverage to cover my undereye circles but i don't want the makeup to look cakey. I have tried dermablend which was too heavy for me and cakey. I have tried maybelline purestay and it is a little dark even in ivory. It seems either it's too cakey or not the right color. I am using L'oreal truecolor and it doesnt cover well for me. I was thinking of trying clinique or mary kay or something and going to the mall to have someone match my skincolor but worry i will waste my money cause it will either be cakey or wrong color. If there is someone with very light skin and if you know of something that gives good coverage and not cakey if you can give me some suggestions before i waste more money. Thanks!
i gave up trying to find foundation to match....i could only find one light enough for me in the middle of summer when i was about the shade most people are in the winter! What i found that worked the best for me was can find it at shoppers drugmart. As for the undereye circles the best is Mac's peach can buy this at the bay (i don't even where foundation with this it just blends right in!)
Don't use Covergirl Aquasmooth.. it is one of my favorite products, but the Ivory is darker than other brands. I use self tanner now, but before using it, Ivory was a little darker than my skin. I know Almay has lighter colors, but I haven't tried them out. I do NOT recommend Loreal Ideal Balance. Since they had a light color and I have combination skin I thought it would be great.. WRONG! It made me break out really bad. I used to get occasional breakouts on my forehead and then I started breaking out a lot on my cheeks and had acne scars for about a year until they finally faded :(.

I know Clinique is also kind of dark.. I'd look into Almay.. it looks like they have a lot of good products. I love the cream to powder foundations that are in a compact.. they offer a little bit of coverage without being too thick.
I am Ghostly white as well. I just went to prescriptives and got virtual skin foundation. The color is excellent! On my skin all the drugstore brands are a little too dark and too yellow. It's $32 but it blends right in. Not very heavy. I am thinking about trying their virtual matte foundation too. It's a little heavier but I am very oily it may help.
I'm extremely white as well and recently tried Maybelline's EverFresh and I LOVE it! It's the first foundation that actually looks natural on me! I recommend it!
Also they came out now with Pure line which I'm yet to try but planning to...
[QUOTE=STaM]I'm extremely white as well and recently tried Maybelline's EverFresh and I LOVE it! It's the first foundation that actually looks natural on me! I recommend it!
Also they came out now with Pure line which I'm yet to try but planning to...[/QUOTE]

I have never tried Maybelline's EverFresh, but I have tried their pure line, and all I can say about that is that it is EXTREAMLY light (not in color) it hardly has any coverage, basically like putting water with a hint of tint on your face, I have dark circles as well, and it does nothing for them.

I also have pale white skin and I once used Loreal's True Match and found their lightest shade matches my face perfectly! But recently my birth control pills have been causing me to break out so I need something with more coverage... Right now I use their Infallible in Soft Ivory and it works pretty well in covering up the scars, although I still use concealer for the really bad spots and for under my eyes. In my opinion Infallible is the best foundation I have used that gives a good amount of coverage without makeing your face look un-natural.
I think Lancome has the best possible selection of foundations for fair skin. Their foundations never broke me out, either, and I like the texture. I've tried many different ones, but lately I like the Tiente Idole Ultra (in a pump bottle)--it's great.
I am very fair too & have always had trouble finding makeup light enough. For a long time I used Revlon New Complexion, I have also used Prescriptives which is very nice, but pricey. Cover Girl TruBlend works for me - the powder foundation is very silky & lightweight, I even found that the lightest shade was actually too light for me & that has NEVER happened before!

I have since switched to mineral makeup because I need more coverage for acne. Many of those have been too dark as well, but Mineral Secrets "Barely There" is working for me.
Try Bare Essentuals. They have a line called Bare Minerals. Yeah, I know there have infomercials on TV and you might be put off by that hokey stuff.

I've used their foundation for about 10 years. The foundation is in a powder-like form, which may sound like you wouldn't get good coverage but believe me, the coverage is very good. You can make an appointment at any Bare Essentuals store.

They will probably try to sell you:

Foundation (yes, buy this.)
Warmth, which is like a bronzer. I use it as a blush. It's nice.
Mineral Veil, which is a finishing powder. You probably don't need this. I have it and rarely use it. It does give a "flawless finish" but it's not essential.

Good luck!
thanks everyone for responses i am not sure which one i will try but thanks :)
I don't know about fair skin b/c I am have med/olive skin, but I just tried Aveda's foundation with spf 15. It smelled & felt great. It didn't feel like I was wearing a mask. However, I always skip the powder. I don't it is needed unless you have a pimple or something you are trying to hide. Kiesha
I wish I was more help in this area, but I don't really use foundation much. I don't usually use it for the simple fact that I could never find the right color and everything looks way too orangey on me. Instead, I use a heavy duty concealer on problem areas and under eye circles and blend like crazy either with my fingers or a foundation brush. I normally choose the lightest color of concealer offered. Right now I use Almays concealers. BUT.. when I do use foundation. I found that several of the more expensive brands carry a better color selection. MAC has some really good foundations for all types of skin colors and Prescreptives is great. Their colors really match your skin well.
I'm a very pale blonde. I love Max Factor lasting Performance in Fair Ivory but in the winter it's too dark. They used to make a porcelain (which was even too white for me) but I think it's discontinued (at least Wal-mart and Walgreens don't carry it now). It's a light creamy liquid that gives great coverage but never looks or feels heavy.
I really like aura science liquid (at Victoria's Secret) but I think the L30 shade I bought is a teeny bit too light for me.
I have a hard time with the drugstore brands - I always seem to be in-between shades, and many are too orange.
I've tried all the L'Oreal and I think they are great at first then they start to fade away in different spots - don't stay put. Same problem with Cover Girl and Maybelline.
I used to like Lancome Maquivelous but I was in-between shades again.

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