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[QUOTE=STaM]I'm extremely white as well and recently tried Maybelline's EverFresh and I LOVE it! It's the first foundation that actually looks natural on me! I recommend it!
Also they came out now with Pure line which I'm yet to try but planning to...[/QUOTE]

I have never tried Maybelline's EverFresh, but I have tried their pure line, and all I can say about that is that it is EXTREAMLY light (not in color) it hardly has any coverage, basically like putting water with a hint of tint on your face, I have dark circles as well, and it does nothing for them.

I also have pale white skin and I once used Loreal's True Match and found their lightest shade matches my face perfectly! But recently my birth control pills have been causing me to break out so I need something with more coverage... Right now I use their Infallible in Soft Ivory and it works pretty well in covering up the scars, although I still use concealer for the really bad spots and for under my eyes. In my opinion Infallible is the best foundation I have used that gives a good amount of coverage without makeing your face look un-natural.

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