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Thats right you will get them bigger naturally. I am almost 22 and my boobs are still growing, when I was 19 I had an A cup, now I have a C, and I only wiegh 108. Who knows maybe after I have kids some day I might be a D cup. You should not be thinking of breast implants at your age while you are still growing! Have you ever seen what you have to go through to get breast implants... and also to get them taken out(you do know that you have to get the implant replaced every few years)? The only thing you will gain by getting breast implants is getting treated like an object around men and not like a respected human being! I remember being your age and thinking of maybe trying an herbal inhancement, but then I met a guy who liked me for who I was so I didn't care anymore. Wouldn't you rather be liked for your personality rather than your looks? You are young, but you have to come to the realization that someday you WILL be old, and your body may become only sexually stimulating to a man that loves and cares for you, not your looks.

Also just like the other poster wrote... have you tried birth control, i know many woman who gained a cup size by using it?
I'm 19 too and for the longest time I wanted to try anything and everything I could to get bigger boobs. I was always too embarrassed to buy the herbal supplements I saw at the drug store and too poor to buy them off the tv or net. I think back now and I'm glad I didn't buy them. You don't know what are in those supplements and they could really harm your body. It's best to talk to your doctor before you take anyhting like that. Most people don't think about asking their doctor about what you can do for breast enhancement. I was talking to my doc about switching birth control pills about a month ago and I happened to mention the rumour that bc pills cause breast enhancement. He asked if it was something I am interessted in and I told him it would be a great perk. Heput me on a bc pill that has more estrogen in it. And wouldn't you know, in less than a month I grew an entire cup size. I went from a very flat A to a very happy B, and they are still growing. Talk to your doc before takng anything. I'm sure he/she will have a much better answer for you then buying something from tv. There are also some gel inserts you can buy. I found some in Walmart once and picked thoose up. I wanted to wear this beautiful new dress I got form my older, more well-endowed cousin. But I couldn't wear it without boobs to keep it up. So I used the inserts and nobody was none the wiser. I haven't needed to wear them since, but they were still a good buy, for the confidence I had for that one night. Good luck, and don't hurt your body. It's the only one you get and you want it to last.

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