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People who use all these things that clog their pores up every night usually just end up looking worse and they constantly wonder why. My dermotologist a awhile ago gave me the following advice: (I had fairly oily skin and pretty heavy duty acne ony my chin, nose and forehead)

1. Wash face with soft clean cloth in medium warm water, go in circle motions to kind of help the pores breathe. Use a white one if you can, you'll be surprised how much goop comes off even if you already did your original cleaning regimine.

2. Take a tiny bit of Dial yes Dial soap (Gold not all that other crap with additives) and rub it on the forehead, chin, and nose. Don't use it on sensitive sites very often may once in awhile...not every day.

3. Take the wash cloth after cleaning and do procedure #1 over with a cold face splash and dry. Your skin should no longer have an oily feeling when you touch it. Now take simple clearasil or pro-active repairing solution and rub it over the worst parts of your acne. I dont use the toner or moisturizer, my skin does better without them now.

4. If you get some drying the next morning after a shower, just user sparingly a good quality non-hypo lotion on your face.

That's it...

Since doing this, I very rarely have any acne breakouts. I try to do it once a day at least. I get a lot of compliments about having great skin for a guy and I have extremely sensitive fair skin.... If anyone gives it a try, let me know if it helps. Worked for me and a really good dermo told me to try it never hurts to pass along info.... :bouncing:

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