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I just went out today to Ulta and Sephora to try them out and get samples. They have someone demoing BE at both places.

I think it's to go to a store where they test it on you and determine your color for you than to by the starter kit since it comes with 2 foundations, one of which you might not want.

Ulta has lighting that reveals absolutely everything, so I couldn't say I was pleased with the BE that was spot tested on my face, but I guess it covered as well as my liquid foundation. Although she also applied a bit of the bisque concealer, too. The starter kit was on promotion for I think $45, which might make it the best deal.

Ulta has a store brand, foundation only, that's $14 for 8 grams in the same kind of container BE comes in.

I also tried the Urban Decay tester on my chest where I have some blotchy pigment that the Ulta lighting made look horrible. It covered nicely. The urban decay is $28 for I don't know how much, but the jar comes with a built in puff applicator. All you do is remove the cap. They have foundation only.

The woman at Sephora removed the makeup from one side of my face and applied the fairly light. No concealor or other stuff. But it looks pretty good. In their lighting and in the car on the way home. They have some of the prettiest blush colors I've ever seen as well. The BE foundation is $25 for 9 grams?.

Then I looked at the Philosophy which came in the same kind of container as the Urban Decay. It cost the most - $35 for I don't know how much. About the same amount as the Urban Decay I think.

They will put a little from the testers into some sample jars for you so I have samples of the BE and Philosophy.

I examined the built in applicator for the Philosophy and it was similar to the old fashioned kind of fabric powder puff, kind of like velour. So I stopped at Sally Beauty Supply and bought a puff for .99.

In a discussion on the Acne board, someone said that Mineral Basics was $15 for 10 grams. And they have a big line with many shades plus blushers and bronzers and such. And they send samples for a couple dollars each. And they have a starter kit that comes with 5 grams of one color foundation plus a blush, bronzer and other items for only $14.

And I have some samples from Cory ordered online. I'll try ordering from some of the others.

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