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Re: Under eye cream
May 29, 2006
I'm in my late thirties and I still look 20 years old. I believe part of this is due to skin care over the years. I have used the very expensive stuff, but often some of the relatively inexpensive work as well too. The top of the line I use is Darphin, Peter Thomas Roth, Phytomer. Clarins is good too. The natural cosmetics I use are Dr. Hauschka, Anne Marie Borlind, Desert Essence AGE REVERSAL, derma e, EO, Zia and Avalon Organics, among others.

With skincare you have to do the whole regimen. No skimping. First spray on a non-alcoholic toner. VERY important this contains no alcohol whatsoever. Check the label because anything ending in -ol is probably an alcohol, and will dry your skin.

Secondly, if you are a man and have just shaved, you need some very good after shave balm such as Clarins Men's Shave Ease. Again, no alcohol.

Then follow with something that goes under the main moisturizer, such as Zia Ultimate C Serum. This is a concentrated Anti-0xidant complex. Or you can put on some kind of serum, like a firming or anti-wrinkle serum. Then goes on the under the eye stuff. You put this one before the main moisturizer because you want only the eye stuff to go near the eyes.

For eyes, there are two main types of lotions. One is of the cream variety that hydrates and moisturizes, such as Age Reversal eye cream, Zia ultimate eye cream, AnneMarie Borlind. Another good one but very expensive is Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue, which contains anti oxidants and bioflavonoids. The other type are of the gel variety, that sooth the under eye area and eliminate puffiness. These include Clarins eye contour gel, Zia essential eye gel and the like. Depending on the day, you might need both, but always put the gel on LAST because the moisturizer needs to penetrate the deepest. If you suffer from eye puffiness or veins you can as a final step dab on some prescription lidocaine gel - this really relaxes the eye area and eliminates any puffiness.

Next you put on your moisturizer. If you put something on super rich like Darphin Fibrogene Intensive or Dr. Hauschka rose cream then you are done. Otherwise after your Moisturizer, you need to end with something very rich such as Zia Nourishing Cream.

Finally, if you are going out that day you need sunscreen. This is personal choice. At the moment I prefer the natural ones that contain real titanium oxide, such as from Dr. Hauschka. Be careful to keep it away from the eyes - this is another reason you put on the eye creams before the end, because otherwise your fingers will be coated in something such as sunscreen that does not belong in your eyes and may irritate them. Women can also use makeup that has sunscreen in it, or put the makeup on after the sunscreen.

At night - whole different story. If you didn't put any anti wrinkle stuff on during the day, you especially need something strong at night. When you get home for the evening is when you will need to start slathering on different kinds of treatments - fruit enzyme peels, alpha lipoic cremes, green tea complexes, 10% glycolic acid, retinol, etc. These are best at night because then the sun won't damage your now enzyme treated face. Also, if you use anything prescription such as Retina A, best to use at night so your face doesn't turn red from sun exposure.

Finally, be sure to put some night creams on just before you retire.

ALSO every now and then, and this is more important for women because they do not shave their faces (for men, shaving exfoliates), you need to put some cleansing cream EXFOLIANT such as Dr. Hauschka cleansing cream on your face. Also, for women especially, important to use a good cleanser such as Dr. Hauschka cleansing milk to take off all that makeup at the end of the day. MEN - we need to use something like cleansing milk too to take off the sunscreen at end of day.

This sounds like a big order, but believe me the pay off when combined with good diet, exercise, plenty of fluids, avoiding the sun and no stress are huge. I look twenty years younger - still look like a kid. My girlfriend is 20 years younger than I am and she and I look about the same age, no kidding.

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