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Re: Shampoo
Jun 14, 2006
[QUOTE=SophiaM]Well, for me personally, the oily scalp is more of a problem than dry ends (they're not THAT dry). In humid weather, even if I shampoo my hair twice in the morning, it will still look greasy at the roots and I only put conditioner on the ends. Basically it will look like I didn't wash my hair at all :( I hate humidity. It's especially awful if you have fine hair like me. But then I see these ladies with perfect hair on the street, even in the most vile and slimy weather, so I wonder what they do to keep their hair looking fresh and bouncy. I think using Mayo would make it worse.[/QUOTE]

I've had grotesquely oily hair and skin all my life. And I have fine hair and live in a horrible humid climate like you. And I've always done what you do, wash in the morning and put conditioner only from about the ears down. Washing the night before didn't cut it.

But now my skin is normal and my hair, I don't know yet. I did just skipped a day shampooing yesterday, for the first time in decades.

I've been taking some of the supplements discussed on the acne board that are anti-androgens, which means they keep testosterone from being converted to things that make you produce more oil. (I don't memorize all the terms). I've been taking zinc and Saw Palmetto for over a year and my skin got fairly normal and I could wash my hair at night instead.

Nettle Leaf also works, but I only recently found that. And for about a month I've been taking a prescription that does the same as well.

Also diet. Simple Carbs and sugars stimulate insulin which stimulates other hormones such as testosterone. And that's not the only bad thing insulin does to you. It damages all kinds of cells and tissues and ages you.

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