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thanks for the advice! I actually bought the mineral makeup today the bareminerals well i got the mineral Veil powder that you put over foundation and i actually got this foundation called Cargo I bought it all at sephora i actually talked to one of the sales people there and told her my problem like breaking out and being oily and she did a makeover on me with the cargo foundation and the mineral veil powder over it and then she put on the bareminerals bronzer over it to give me a little color and glow and my skin looked amazing and it has all day...not oily at all...i was so shocked...seriously u have to try this stuff!! She also gave me these supplements from Boscia she said they were a lifesaver for her and cleared her skin after one month of using it...she also had bad oily skin and so im gonna try those its only like $20 for 180 tablets so like a 3 month supply so thats pretty good...especially if it works and helps...ill def. let you know how that goes but if you have a sephora by you, you should try the makeup i got...just go in and get a makeover and see how you like amazed!
sorry it took me so long to get back to you on here guys...ive been really busy...

CHEZ9092-the makeup is from sephora and its called can have someone that works there pick out a color that will match you perfect and the concealor is called time balm concealor and then i use i.d. mineral veil powder over it all and it doesnt get all oily during the day its great!

kesae- yes i use the supplements from has helped with oil first it brought out a few big zits and i was kinda scared lol cuz i thought i was gonna break out bad, but then they went away and my skin has looked healthy...the same thing happened to my sister..she got a couple big zits, but after the first month her skin looked good too.

heathcliff- yes i am the lifeguard with no air conditioning...still no air conditioning haha but look at the first paragraph above i listed the makeup, concealor and powder...but the bronzer is called i.d. bareminerals i got it all from sephora it looks good without the bronzer...i hardly ever wear the bronzer...i just use it every once in a while to give me a little color..but i like it all without it and the makeup is really cant even tell its on...oh and the powder doesnt really have any color its just to settle it all, so basically just get a foundation that matches the skin.

all the products i use i have worn in the water and sweated to death lol and its lasted and i havent yet had my skin all oily like i used to...well i hope this helps you all...and again im so sorry it took like over a month to get back to you guys!

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