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Hi thre, I am newly 40 and as concerned as you. So far so good mother nature has been kind to me. I only noticed how kind when we went to several graduation parties for friends of our graduates. THANK YOU GOD!!! Anyway. I have used DOVE for about 20 years now. Just regular soap. I recently tried the Mint Julep Mask and LOVE's something I might do a couple times a week though. If you have dry skin it might be too drying. I have been using Regenerist for about 3 years now. As for makeup I wear little as well. All the hype about the mineral makeup is true. Honest. Took me about 5 years to get enough courage to try it, now I wont wear anything else for a foundation. It's light and airy. You truely don't feel it on. I just use my fav blush color, and minimal mascara. I just think keeping it simple is the best way to go. Good luck, and I hope you find what fits best for you!!
Nitro I also feel lucky that God has blessed me with decent skin. But my mother and grandmother on dads side have/had awful skin. My mom was a heavy smoker so that was part of it, I never touched the stuff. I did however spend a lot of time in the sun as a kid and until my early 20's. I haved been caring for my skin since then. I used to use Dove all the time. I think I may go back to it. My dermatologist always said it was the best. Like you I wear little makeup. I never learned how to use it. I do like mascara on the upper lashes though since mine are long and it detracts from my crooked nose. (ha) I do want to try the mineral stuff. Do you use the stuff you see on TV?

Mary I never heard of that stuff but I will look it up. Thanks....
I do use the stuff you see on TV, but I didn't commit to the whole thing at once because I am a skeptic and a control freak. I searched on ebay for Mineral Makeup Samples. Found a good package with several colors to try. The beauty of this stuff is that you can mix the colors to make the color that best fits your skin tone. Heck by the time I was done, I got the perfect skin tone color and unlike the othr makeups, you truly don't feel it on.... HONEST. I got so tired of all the ones that said it feels like you aren't wearing anything at all.. YEAH RIGHT...but I gotta blot, powder, touch up.. I don't have the patience, or frankly that level of concern for makeup for that. WHAT A HASSLE.
You will find LOTS of kinds of Mineral Makeup online, not just the stuff from TV so mix and match what is best for you. Using samples first is fantastic!! OH and I don't know if you have come across this...since you wear mascara(me too its a staple for me) I found the best clump free way to apply it... WHile you are drying your hair or whatever in the morning, warm the tube in a coffee cup of HOT water. Most of the tubes you have to weigh down because they float( I just use a rubber band wrapped around the cup handle and the tube) The mascara goes on smooth.. not clumpy. then I brush them out with a clean brush I saved from the last mascara I finished.

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