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Hello, I have been using the BE mineral makeup foundation in fairly light for about 2 weeks now and I really love wearing it, I dont even feel like I am wearing makeup! So I am really happy with it....except for one thing...covering up my acne scars. I know some people recommended using the bisque as a concealor, so i think I will order it, but until then I really need some tips for more coverage for various events I have coming the sunlight :eek: . I have always hated being in bright light because I always found whatever makeup I was wearing you could really see it and it looked disguesting, whereas when I am putting it on in my bedroom light my skin looks flawless :rolleyes: . Anyways with the BE I actually cant even tell I am wearing makeup in the sunlight (as in my neck is actually the same color as my face for once!) But I really can see my red marks!!! I really need some fast advice from you experts out there with the products I have now. Basically I have the BE foundation, the well rested eye makeup (but they say you can use this under the eyes as a concealer, but can you use it on red marks as well??) And I also have some almay clear complexion spot concealor but does anyone else use a regular concealor with the BE minerals? Or is it just a matter of technique??? I use the BE maximum coverage brush to go over bad areas, but it just seems like it is not covering up enough, any tips?? I could really use anyones input...thanks!
thanks everyone for the replies!!! i did order the bisque so I am excited to get it but I tried the "painting on" technique on my redspots with the maximum coverage brush today with my regular fairly light foundation and it seemed to cover pretty well. I do have some almay brand concelor but since my skin has been doing so well without the BE I dont want to revert back to putting ANY regular makeup on my face.

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