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Hahah I read about someone who said the garlic worked.. but they also said it smelled strong! I would hate to smell like garlic :rolleyes: . They said it was hard to get the smell off.. so definitely do it maybe over a vacation or sometime when you have time to stay home and not worry about it!

I remember somebody saying that their mole fell off and bled a little bit after using the castor oil.. is that bad?
I have heard you can tie a small piece of thread around a mole and it will fall off. Has anyone heard of this or tried it even?
That would have to be one large mole for one to be able to tie a string around! :)

Does the castor oil plus baking soda work only for raised moles/skin, or does it work for certain freckles too?
I'm not sure if the castor oil/garlic would work for flat moles.. but I don't think it would work for freckles.. and I agree that some moles do need to be removed at the root if they are deep especially. I found on article online that says that doing the garlic can actually remove skin cancer if a mole is cancerous and people did that a long time ago in other countries.. I have NO IDEA if it is true or not.. but wouldn't that be neat if it were?

And yes.. it would have to be a big mole to use the string.. very raised! All of my moles are barely raised and all smaller than pencil eraser sized.. so I guess it can only work for some people if it's true.
hi i have tryed it it does work on a few of my moles but some are still there u really have to do it everyday make sure the solution stays on the mole

you have to scrape the mole for the solution to get right in there i did,nt cover mine i just make it into a paste and rub it in and cover a white bit on the mole and do this everyday raised moles raise up even more and get real nasty in fact i got worried coz it really balloned out but i carried on and mine has gone and so glad i done it coz u can still see a mark but its not a raised mole anymore which i think is better

but the thing is it did start comeing back after about 8 months later so i just done the process again
Also, I would tend to think that if a mole is big enough for you to tie a string around, it's probably time to visit the doctor to see what's going on with it!

I am sure garlic has antioxidant properties and would eat it everyday for every meal if it can ward off cancer! But I'm not sure how good that claim is, either.

For the flat moles that I have on my face, I'm considering removal by laser treatments by a professional. That may be the safest and surest way to go (even if not the cheapest).

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