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Re: Waxing Brows
Jul 10, 2006
Waxing is a simple and fast process that i think you'll like once you get used to the discomfort of them pulling the wax off. to answer your questions:

1) I would wait about two weeks for your eyebrows to fully grow back in before going in for a wax (unless your hair grows back faster than that). you can go sooner but it's been my experience that the more hair that is already there, the better the beautician can define a good eyebrow line.

2) Because it is a service that they are doing to make you look good, i would have them do the top and bottom. most beauticians do the top and bottom, unless you say otherwise. if you're not sure, it doesn't hurt to ask them to make sure they get both top and bottom done.

3) Waxing results can last for about a month with maintenance. depending on how fast your hair grows back, plucking for you will be a lot easier afterwards since the hairs will grow back finer and some hair stops growing altogether once you start getting them regularly waxed. i'm able to maintain my eyebrows for a while so i save money at the same time. depending on where you go, eyebrow waxing costs anywhere between $12-$20. not too bad.

as far as waxing your upper lip, if it isn't really noticeable, i wouldn't wax it. hair removal is such maintenance as it is, if you can keep it to one main area like your eyebrows, you'll be fine. plus, the upper lip is such a sensitive area, i'd hate for you to take the risk of getting it irritated from waxing. i'd say just stick with the brows for now. ;)

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